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"Highly recommended." - Piaras, Vine Voice

"This is the perfect read for supernatural fans, highly recommend it."
- V.E., Vine Voice

A human, a witch, and a vampire walk into a warehouse—

No, it’s not the beginning of a joke. It was the scene when my life changed forever.

As a Keeper of the Peace (Kop) for the mystical world of Alius, my team and I were sent to investigate a series of kidnappings within the supernatural community.

It was in the warehouse that I met Nimera. She was a mermaid trapped in a tank, forced
to entertain the worst kind of men. But I screwed up, and gunshots were fired. Nimera was suddenly dying in my arms… so I did the only thing I could, making her like me, a vampire.

Now the Synedrium—Alius’ government—declared her my responsibility. I figured that would happen. What I didn't expect was the strange, magical connection that formed between us when she turned. The stunning mermaid was suddenly in my head, inching her way into my heart.

The one I thought was dead long ago.

Chapter 1Ocean's Edge
00:00 / 23:13

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Love, Magic, & Moonlit Curses

In a world where magic and chaos dance in a mesmerizing rhythm, I, Helen Gold, a witch with an affinity for spellwork and an unwavering belief in happily-ever-afters, serve as the magical expert for a supernatural crime-fighting team.


We've been sent to investigate a new drug called MerryGo that is wreaking havoc within the supernatural community. The highly addictive narcotic made those affected angry and violent.


In comes Hendrick, a dreamy and charismatic dentist who intervenes to protect me during a monstrous encounter. Suddenly, the man's entangled in a hairy dilemma. But hold onto your potion bottles because there's a catch—Hendrick's got a mysterious past as dark as a moonless night.


While the clock is ticking faster than a heartbeat, we're not just unraveling the mystery of MerryGo. We're diving headfirst into magic and mayhem in more ways than one.


**Disclaimer: This title is for adults only and contains explicit romantic scenes**

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