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Welcome to Otherside

The Source of Death

Book 1

Jay Michael Night crafts a fast-paced rollercoaster of a ride filled with mystery, suspense, romance, and plenty of action. -Reader's Favorite

The Source of Death is one great fantasy that will keep you glued to the pages. I love this book. - Karrie, Vine Voice

Fight your inner darkness and uncover strange magic in 'The Source of Death.'

Mikey Black's life shattered the night monsters with glowing eyes attacked.

He was left orphaned and marked by an eerie aura that brings sickness and death to those around him. Tossed from one fleeting foster home to another, Mikey resigns himself to a lonely existence until a kind-hearted mailman named Arthur offers to adopt him. To Mikey's astonishment, Arthur seems immune to his radioactive presence.

As Mikey finally finds hope for a real home, he discovers that his new foster father holds a secret as extraordinary and dangerous as Mikey's own nature. After learning the truth, Mikey begins to unravel the mystery behind the night that changed his life while confronting a world of hidden powers, ancient prophecies, and a destiny that could reshape reality.

With the help of friends and family he never thought he’d have, Mikey must navigate a perilous path of self-discovery, facing the monsters that haunt his past and the one that dwells within.



Relics of Power

Book 2

"I simply could not read Relics of Power fast enough!"

"Even better than the first book in my opinion."

The Otherside Series continues in Book 2, Relics of Power. Journey with Mikey and friends deep into the world of Otherside. There, an ancient prophecy is revealed, along with terrible secrets and whispers of a new enemy.

Mikey agreed to Viki's demands to meet with the vampires to save his friends' lives. Their plans for a peaceful trip are interrupted when an unruly ancient who won't listen to reason shows up.

Back at the Sect, Sabrina realizes the vampires have taken Mikey and concocts a plan to rescue her boyfriend from their clutches with the Sante brother's help.

When Mikey's faerie coin miraculously returns and reveals an item that only brings more questions, he and his friends must embark on a journey to save the world and prevent war; for something much more sinister lurks in a mountain sealed long ago...and within Mikey.

The Balance of Gods

Book 3


Coming Q1 2024

Sneak Peak!
Download the first 2 chapters below!

Note: The final version of these chapters are subject to change once all edits and revisions are complete. 
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